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We visited Angkor Wat on a weekend trip from Vietnam where we were staying, and were astounded by the scope and the scale of the original development, and then by the illustration of the power of nature in the way the jungle has been steadily growing it's way into various temples and buildings.  If you're a Tomb Raider fan, the up front and personal views of some of the scene locations where the original film was made are remarkable.  Our visit was made all the more enjoyable by the gracious attentiveness of our guide, Mony, who went the extra mile to allow us to see so much of the complex in the two days that we had.  His website is  and we're happy to recommend him to anyone planning to visit the area.
Harry and Pat Koehler
Calgary, Canada

"We were very glad to stumble on Angkor Guide Services and to receive a prompt reply from Mony after searching numerous websites for a reliable guide. I highly recommend going with a guide especially on your first visit to Angkor. Mony provided a comprehensive, efficient, well-planned 3-day temple tour. He is friendly, knowledgeable, always on time and charges reasonable prices. But we appreciate how he goes the extra mile with prompt response to emails, willingness to accommodate our requests in the itinerary, good suggestions for photos and the effort to make us feel comfortable. We also appreciate the smiley nature of Rith (our driver). We want to come back one day to see the sights that we missed, like the farther-off temples, and when that happens we will definitely book him as our guide again. Keep in touch, Mony!"
Aileen & Joerg
Malaysia & Germany
Thank you so much for helping to make our trip to Angkor Wat such a memorable one. You were invaluable in giving information about the temples and the history of Cambodia as well as helping to find places to eat and shop.  It was good to meet your sisters and niece!
We had a fantastic trip and hope to be back again one day in the not too distant future.
Many thanks again for your excellent company.
Alice and John Cheston and family
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
United Kingdom
Living in Singapore

I spent one week in this lovely country, where i was born and where people is so kind. This week was a dream for me because of that great guy, this fantastic guide, which is Mr. Mony. What more to tell about him : we kept in contact since this time and he is my friend now. A real friend and the first one i will contact when i will be back in Cambodia. For sure! Thanks a lot, Mr. Mony to have shown me some treasures that you know so well with all your honesty, kindness, enthusiasm and courage !

I have been fortunate to travel to many places in this world, and guided to see a lot of ancient temples in South East Asia and India, yet never have I toured in one, or tasted palm fruit, palm sugar or fueled up at a gas bar. Thank you Mony for such a memorable journey! We had such fun!
We arrived in Siem Reap Cambodia, not having made any plans of how we would see the sights. We considered calling for his service, guide and taxi driver who picked us up from the airport.
Instead we thought we'd try something different. We called Mony, who we had heard was a great guide. We made the right choice.
Mony is a solid guy, and has a lovely personality. He was a safe guide, offered us a comfortable & fun sightseeing for two, and often shown best spot for taking photos so that we could take the special photos.
Mony offered us a great 3 day tour of Angkor Thom, and the surrounding sites. He was always early, always cheerful, informative of each site. He thought of everything including chilled water for the journey, reference books that we could borrow, and added extra information about what we could do around Siem Reap after our day at the sites.
Being a business owner and partner to Tourism in US, I can say that Mony made the difference in our otherwise standard travel schedule. He is an excellent representative of his country.  

I cannot recommend him enough. This guy is fantastic! He was recommended to us by a great group of Australians while we were in Phu Quoc Vietnam. We decided to try their recommendation and we are really glad we did. Mony is an enjoyable English-speaking guide who has fantastic ideas for itineraries, but he is also enthusiastic and obliging if you have something different in mind. He is very honest, committed and caring with a deep knowledge of the Khmer people and Angkor history. I highly recommend Mony’ services and I will attest to his honesty, trustworthiness and professionalism. 
Lee McGuire
Vancouver, Canada
We decided on Angkor Guide Services and are happy to report that we had a great time with our guide, Mony.
He tailored a 2-days programme for us, according to our liking. Liasing with Mony through email was also a breeze as he replies promptly.
The smiley Mony and his driver are always punctual and patient. I have to say that they are really accomodating and helpful too. Silly me wore shorts when we visited Angkor Wat, and because I had to wear something that covers my knees if I were to go up to the main tower, Mony went to buy me a scarf that I could use to tie around my hips. He even refused payment and insisted that I keep the scarf as a present.
He also knows the best time to visit, which temple entrances to use, etc so that we avoided the crowds! Not to mention the beautiful pictures he took for us. Yes, he knows exactly where the good spots for photos are.
Icy bottled water and cold towels were served each time we return to the car; that is something we really appreciated especially after exploring the temples in the hot, hot weather! We also noticed that each time we came back to the car, the car mats were cleaned. We almost felt bad for stepping into the car with our muddy shoes, because everytime we returned, we had fresh car mats waiting for us. It is a small detail, but it was something we noticed and appreciated.
Mony charges reasonably and honestly for his services too. It really is his sincerity and earnest ways that won us over, and we just want to say that you will be in good hands with Angkor Guide Services!
Hong Nguyen

My husband and I spent a few days in Siem Reap and hired Mony as a guide and his transport service through his web site to take us to the temples and surroundings. He offered to pick us up at the airport and there he was.
I highly recomend Monys' services for his professionalism, lovely personality and good knowledge of English and the place. He is also a funny guy, very patient, cheerful gives information on each site and he was of great help for us.
Thank you Mony for the lovely staying we had with you in Siem Reap. We will always remember you , your courage, your enthusiam and your honesty. Our trip would have been different had we not met you.
If anyone ever goes to Siem Reap contact Mony at: he will help you in any way.
Gemma Jorda
Barcelona, Spain

It was indeed a fantastic experience! It was beyond our expectations and we really had a wonderful time in Cambodia! We consider ourselves very lucky to have witnessed the ancient wonders of Cambodia. But we think the real magic of Cambodia is its people. The simple Cambodians who have been through hell, but they have kept their spirits strong and open. They have the courage and strength to focus on the positive part of life, on the future, and not pursuing a useless and frustrating counter-revenge.
Mony was more than our tour guide. He is actually the living  proof of the courage, strength and optimism of the Cambodian people. He shared his experiences with us and he gave us a glimpse of the present Cambodia, the friendless and hospitality of simple people, their lives and traditions, their worries and hopes. We already recommended Mony from Angkor Guide Services ( to all of our friends and we hope they will come soon and experience the wonderful Cambodia and bringing their small contribution to the future of these remarkable people.
Jenny Loh
Sydney, Australia

We highly recommend Mony to anyone visiting the temples of Angkor and the Siem Reap area. Travelling in Thailand and Cambodia in July 2009 we, couple with 13 year old daughter, enjoyed the amiable and professional guide service of “Mony” for four days. You made the difference and made our five days in Siem Reap the by far most memorable part of our trip. Thank you, Mony.
Never been to Cambodia before, it was very pleasant to leave the plans for visiting the temples in the hands of a knowledgeable and professional guide experience. The itineraries of our daily excursions to the temples were very well composed with adequate time for breaks including for lunch. Thank you for ensuring our stomach-health by showing us to restaurants with good hygienic standards during our daily excursions. The tour to the Tonle Sap Lake during the mid of the dry season was also highly recommendable and very interesting. Again, Mony´s service was second to none.
We join in applauding Mony for his professionalism, honesty, kindness, and wit.
Jan Maxwell Norgaard
Aarhus, Denmark

We found Mony online and booked him as guide and his car service for our 5-day-stay in Siem reap and we had no regret to our decision. He waited for us at the airport and we had a great time in Siem Reap with him. He is very honest, reliably and knows everything about the country and the history of Angkor and Cambodia. He speaks a very good. Due to his proposed itineries for our visit to the different temples, we could avoid the bus crowds. We strongly recommend Mony and when we are again in Siem Riep we will book him for sure once more as our guide.United Kingdom
Werner und Bernadette Knecht
Sankt Augustin, Germany

I very highly recommend Mony when you visit Angkor and the surrounding temples. His professionalism, courtesy and kindness are outstanding. He was punctual in all instances, accomodating to a fault and recommended lots of fantastic options in terms of not only how to visit the temples, but the best time for doing so. This is important in order to avoid the massive tour crowds and to capture the ideal lighting for photography. On top of that, I enjoyed trying the local cuisine (delicious!) with Mony's enthusiastic suggestions, though if your preference is more conventional, that's perfectly fine too. The sugar palm candy tour was a delightful experience on the way to one of the more outlying temples. The car was impeccably clean, and Mony was an extremely cautious and responsible guide, getting you to where you wanted to go safely. I never felt safer and completely at ease with him. He makes sure you feel at home from the get go, which is always welcome when you've travelled a long way from home. I hope you will use Mony when you visit Cambodia-he is an outstanding guide and you will be glad you did.
Marcelo Aspiras
Seattle, USA

A Great Guy & Great Service.
I was delighted to have Mony as my tour guide. He is very knowledgeable and I found him to be a very pleasant and sincere person. His proficiency in English is very good and I would certainly engage his services again as well as recommend him to others.
As a tourism management academic, I am very much aware of what constitutes good or poor service. Mony exemplifies great service and we need more people of his calibre in the tourism industry. You will not be disappointed as he guide.
Dr. John Ap
Associate Professor
School of Hotel & Tourism Management
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong SAR, CHINA

My family & I enjoyed having Mony as a guide in Siem Reap.  He was so pleasant, knowledgable & spoke good English.  We would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring a great guide for Angkor Wat & Siem Reap.
Noraini Hashim
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We were very glad that we booked a tour guide and van for our family, my wife and 2 children before coming to Cambodia. Although Mony was busy for our trip, he recommended us a friend of him is a guide and arranged a very nice van with good driver. They were very friendly, reliable and helpful, everyhting worked perfectly. We found the biggest benefit of booking ahead over internet (or SMS in fact) to be the convenience - somebody picked us up at the airport, we did not have to loose any time with any arrangements and could enjoy the temples.
Darina and Tomas
Prague, Czech Republic

We recently hired Mony to take us around Siem Reap and to the ruins at Angkor. Mony was excellent , his service, his friendliness, his knowledge and sense of humour all made for a fabulous 30 hour stay in Siem Reap to see the ruins. We can thoroughly recommend Mony, he is genuine, honest and his prices are not outrageous, they are fair. Mony understands and speaks English extremely well and he is very helpful in knowing where there are Khmer food restaurants.....the experience we wanted.
Sue and Bruce Harvey-Jan Juc
Lara Lake Primary School

We very much enjoyed having Mony as our guide at Ankor Wat. He is well educated, well informed and is just a very fine person in general. We would highly recommend him.
Joe Sitko and Susan Levenhagen
Oregon, USA

Mony was an excellent host, he was highly informative on Cambodian culture and history and made our trip so much more inspiring and enjoyable. 
Jacqui Dixon
Cape Town, South Africa
We highly recommend Mony and take his transport service! We stayed in Siem Reap for 5 days and we enjoyed everyday of it. We have travelled to many places in South East Asia with guides and he was really a breath of fresh air. He is not a normal Guide. His knowledge about the History & Culture of Cambodia is excellent and not forgetting his command of the English Language. With a good sense of humour and a good understanding of other countries culture and preferences, he is able to quickly understand and meet our perculier demands throughout the trip. We are food lovers and always stress to our guides that we want the best local food (not necessary expensive) and his recommendations was superb. Just the type of food we wanted and more.  Mony & car driver, Thank you for your great service and making our trip really fun and all the best in all the things you do! Oh did I mention he is also a very generous and charitable guy too who loves children and community works... well you go and find out for yourself when you meet him!
Hiew CF
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I contacted Mony upon arrival in Siem Reap and we organized a three-day tour commencing the next morning.  I cannot say enough about his pleasant demeanor and thorough knowledge of Angkor Wat and the surrounding area.  Two days of Temple-trekking followed by a day in the floating villages was as good as it gets.  Mony was a true companion during this Cambodian excursion and should not be missed.  A strong work-ethic and his passion for the history radiated throughout the journey.  His english language skills are excellent and it is apparent why he is a teacher.  A visit to Siem Reap would have never been the same had I not met Mony.  Don't short-change yourself as he is a true ambassador to Angkor Wat and its mystical wonderments.  He is a true friend! 
Ottawa, Canada